European Union Youth Orchestra performing for world leaders at Armistice Ceremony under the Arc de Triomphe – Paris 11/11/2018
Chief Conductor Vasily Petrenko

Marshall Marcus, CEO of EUYO, said: ‘At a challenging time for Europe, and as a cultural ambassador for the European Union, we stand together with everyone who believes in a Europe of people who work together rather than against each other.’


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26 Replies to “Ravel’s Bolero – WWI armistice centennial Paris 2018 (complete)”

  1. Greeting from China! Bolero is always one of my favorite music (and also my dad's). Love the standup part at the end! Bolero is just so suitable to play tricks with. Still remember around 2013 I saw the HK Sinfonietta playing it in a reverse way of Haydn's Farewell: started with no conductor, each instrument joined when necessary, and ended up in a grand ensemble.

  2. Putin is"putting on"the sleeping act…..!Tramp is bored to death,Macron is sooooo pleased with himself,Pavlopoulos is playing the "statuses .,merkel is counting the stars ,where is common people??????

  3. There's something I'm missing. I don't get it. This piece of music is so boring. What am I not getting? What do people enjoy about this?

  4. I am watching it second time and I think it doesn’t need to divide the screen, not to reduce the power of music. And conductor is stunning, by every means! Very powerful performance! Bravo!

  5. It is a stunning reminder of the fact that the soldiers and nurses of the WWI were youths of the same age as these skilled musicians performing here, many of the soldiers aspiring artists that were never to see the future. Ravel made two commisioned left hand piano pieces for a concert pianist who lost the use of his right arm in the same war….As a boy I was a neighbour to a soldier who was gassed in the war and I will never forget his screaming when he was haunted by memories…

  6. I'm sorry, but I had to laugh. The rain pissing down, not a soul about, some poor souls stuck inside a marquee as if they could give a shit. The European Union Youth Orchestra did a decent job – bravo to them.

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