The Real Reason Why Song Ji Hyo Did Not Go To The Song Song Couple’s Wedding

Song Ji Hyo was absent from Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s wedding on October 31 despite being close to the couple.

She visited Kim Joo Hyuk’s funeral parlor at Seoul’s Asan Medical Center.

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49 Replies to “Running man members at Kim Joo Hyuk Funeral”

  1. poor i am. i always see he in running man. one of episode is in china. i didnt know he's like gone forever. will always missing you 🙏😢

  2. The fact that there were no further news about the cause of accident after investigation made me thinking about possibility him commiting suicide

  3. He pass away 😢 song ji yoo absent on song song couple wedding married on same time 😭 now song song couple divorce 😢time flies so past

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