precious my ACE . JI HYO (:


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35 Replies to “Running Man Song Ji Hyo Bungee Jump 133]”

  1. This is y I love song jihyo for 8 years she played the hardcore physical games and was on par with all the rm male members and guests .. she din act cute or flirted or tried being funny doin comedy … but in whole rm from the beginning I found jihyo very funny cute sexy beautiful brave strong independent caring .. she is so natural and am addicted to her … nowadays ppl who talk about air time and ratings and how they say somin is made for variety ok she is but she comes under comedians like na Rae or bong shi who used to do happy together with jaesuk .. somin is doing Wat bong si does flirting cheesy comic stuff whr she has to say one or the other line to show her comedy … but ppl forget how about how cud they compare song jihyo with somin ? And y cos she acts crazy ? Like somin it’s ok but don’t compare song jihyo with somin cos somin didn’t do half the stunts song jihyo has done in running man .. she physically gave it her all .. and ppl who say she slept pls kindly go to the beginning and watch .. rm used to shoot at nyts .. and song jihyo was doing films n dramas cfs fashion shows and doing all that handling so much she did rm too physically straining herself to the core where as somin jus does comedy and little dance she din physically do anythn to b compared with jihyo … and instead of appreciating song jihyo .. ppl jus comment nonsense ppl who defend somin shud also learn not to insult jihyo ..

  2. She really is freaking amazing, i would have pissed my pants 😵 i cant do it, you would have to KO me and throw me off, coz i definitely wouldnt b able to do it.

  3. Now, some one said Ji Hyo is insipid. LOL 😂 They probably didn't know that she had been the brave girl and ACE before she was known the piece of Monday Couple 😊

  4. Damn my hands are sweating so much and my heart is raising just by watching this haha I love this kind of stuff but I have vertigo lol. That bungee jump is hella high 😥

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