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The model turned actors are known for their unique physique, handsome features, and they’re very active in the Korean entertainment industry. There are many model turned actors like Cha Seung-won, So Ji-sub, Ju Ji-hoon and others. But! These days, the activities of model turned actors in their 20’s stand out. They are known for their amazing qualities, perfect features and are loved as stylish guys. So, we will check out the fashion trends of 3 model turned actors who’re in the limelight these days.
김우빈 – 이수혁 – 안재현
모델 출신 스타들의 3인 3색 스타일
남다른 신체조건과 개성 넘치는 외모로 연예계를 종횡무진하는 모델 출신 스타들!
차승원, 소지섭, 주지훈 등 기존의 모델 출신 배우들을 비롯해~ 20대 젊은 모델 출신 배우들의 활약 역시 두드러지고 있다!!! 모델 출신다운 뛰어난 감각과 환상의 신체비율을 자랑하며 최강 스타일 가이로 사랑받는 모델 출신 배우 그중에서도 가장 주목받는 3인방의 스타일을 분석해보자!


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40 Replies to “Showbiz Korea – FASHION STYLES OF KIM WOO BIN, LEE SOO HYUK & AHN JAE HYUN(김우빈, 이수혁, 안재현)”

  1. I have to laugh. The men are basically wearing black. My daughter in her 40's not but I remember when I couldn't get her to wear anything but black!! It's just a base color. Wear black pants and wear any top with a little black in it. It's not rocket science. And their tall because they had meat to eat as kids. When I went to college I sponsored a mathematician from China. She was totally disgusted how much meat I ate! She said they ate meat one a month. Maybe twice but that was it. Americans just drove her nuts. This was in the 80's. After ten years of English in China, no one could understand her and she's was teaching advanced Math at a University! I heard her. It was terrible. But somehow she got a job and in six/seven month she got a car! I couldn't believe it! Funny that she had to come to America to dream the American dream. 🙂 But she was short. I was partly raised in Vietnam and the Vietnamese were short as well. And thin for the most part. Wish that was me now! lol I've watched Kdramas of all these guys. I think every time I see the one he will creap me out. The young man that played the evil vampire. He really looks the part! And the one in, "Pinocchio," is always excellent in anything he does. "The Weightlifting Fairy," is one of my favorite dramas. I don't know how many times I've watched that and, the vamp one. So, if they are tall and thinner they start with being a model then move on to being an actor? Huh Songs

  2. in resume the boyfriend your mom would approve Kim Woo Bin, the boyfriend your mom would totally disapprove Lee Soo Hyuk , and lastly the guy your mom would raise and I brow at you for dating someone who looks younger than you lol.

  3. ok here goes…KWB is GD's fanboy LSH is GD's long time friend n a member of Nuthang gang n AJH is dating GHS one of YG's princesses…talk about connections huh 😚😚😚

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