we will learn here Filled surface, Lofted surface,Trim surface, thickness, plan and Mirror in Solidworks 2016.
Solidworks Surface modelling
Filled Surface and Knit Surface
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29 Replies to “Solidworks Surface Tutorial | How to make Spoon in Solidworks”

  1. Excelente vídeo, siempre me había complicado con las superficies, éste vídeo ayuda mucho, gracias por tu tiempo.

  2. For those who has trouble on trim surface, please check sktech1 (projection of spoon you drew). A high chance is that when you use 'mirror', some lines are overlapped. You can also check by using 'extrude' commend – if there's overlap, you are unable to do it. So fix it (make sure sketch 1 is correct) and you should to trim surface

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