Running man members are recording special video for age notification for this program Running Man.
But it is hard to not laugh…LOL
Click the link down below to watch full episode.

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42 Replies to “Special Video for Age Notification [Running Man Ep 386]”

  1. I know the purpose of all of this is humor, but i can't seem to ignore the way they treat the "beggar" and how it's presented on this clip. It reflects how they korean society sees and treats to thoes who are in a more vulnerable position. It is not the first time I see this kind of representation in korean media

  2. Running Man as Animal 2019

    Ji Seok Jin : Impala
    Yoo Jae Suk : Grasshopper
    Kim Jong Kook : Tiger
    Kang Gary : Monkey
    Ha Dong Hoon : Penguin
    Song Ji Hyo : Cat
    Lee Kwang Soo : Giraffe
    Jeon So Min : Frog
    Yang Se Chan : Catfish/Racoon

    Song Joong Ki and Lizzy doesn't have official animal character in Running Man.

  3. Okey sometimes I really hate seokjin. He's literally unlucky with everything he does but same time he don't want to listen what other rm member said. He doit itself follow what he wanna do but it mess

  4. I feel like they are actually angry but despite that, they didn’t throw a big scene in front of the camera😅 i love the relationship all of them have with each other💜💜

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