Minecraft 1.13 prerelease 2 just came out, and Mojang listened to their community. So, here’s a follow-up to the video I did a couple weeks ago.




Music by Clay Riness and Josh Woodward

Outro Song:
“Way Above the Skyline” by BlueFoxMusic

Thanks for watching!

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24 Replies to “Thanks for Listening, Mojang”

  1. Im glad mojan actually listen to us compared to the people that make the game Star stable (They were gonna add this youtuber and nickelodeon star called jojo siwa and even though 80% of the fandom did not want that girl in the game as a character the star stable team still added)

  2. okay, that's it, i'm done, i'm leaving this bullshit game. This video makes me VOMIT; that's the real proof that mojang doesn't give a shit about the pvp community. You wanted a change, they made it so fast. We, the pvp community wanted a change, we wanted this broken ass 1.9 version to get removed and they still didn't do it. 4 years now. We can't have fun with the new updates because of this shit 1.9 update. Plus this game has no anticheat, so servers are forced to pay and pay to create anticheats and make the pvp world a better place. That should OBVIOUSLY be Mojang's work. I'm happy that Mojang listens to the surviving/building/modding community, but oh my god i keep dreaming about a massive pvp update, with an official "minecraft pvp server" that brings all the pvpers of minecraft back and together with factions, kitmaps, practice, competitive teamfights, ranked skywars with a working anticheat and working reporting system. I'm such a dumbass. I'm such a real fucking retarded dumbass. I've been waiting 4 years. I really lost my time. Now, i'm quitting, and i'm not the only one. I'm not disliking this video because i have nothing against you, but really i really hate this game. The only pvpers remaining are the players who don't have a good computer and can't play games like fortnite, overwatch, csgo…; I feel bad for these players. They're stuck in such a boring, toxic, cheating broken place. Games like Overwatch listen to their community. They nerf heroes when they see complaints about certain abilities. For example, Junkrat's nerf. If mojang could do good updates on the pvp community, i'd really love that. Like for example, adding an anticheat, or adding togglesprint. I bet that on the next update, they'll just add fucking koalas or some shit.

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