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Song name: Goat
Artists: 2Pac shakur & Notorious BIG
remix made by: MimoTupac
Beat by:

Vocals used:
2pac – When we ride on our enemies & Hit em up
Biggie Smalls – Dead wrong

The Goat – 2Pac & Biggie Smalls (HD) – Lyrics


Gangster/mafia/fight Movies used:
Notorious & All Eyez on me

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HipHop/rap music Remix

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Please watch: “2Pac – Bad Guy (HD) ”



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48 Replies to “The Goat – 2Pac & Biggie Smalls (HD)”

  1. 2 Greatest of all time batteling! Vote below your winner! (No Hate, both Legends)

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  2. I bet you
    Mother fuckers die , I know he say it to all trapers of our century fake shit and others fake shiters never be even close to this
    Talent that 2 pac have , this real
    Music and lyric ! With my ak I’m still T.H.U.G. that you love to hate !

  3. 2 pac ist bester Rapper, jedes Lied ist einfach nur TOP, dennoch nervt es das man jetzt auch noch Geld bezahlen muss um keine scheiß Werbung von irgend welchen möchte gern Marklern zu sehen das nervt, das sind alles nur Weißbrote!

  4. Two legends they both did wht the new generation wouldnt ever do..they won the ♥'s of millions years ago even after there death they still rocking it with their legacy…

  5. Impossible to judge when both lives were cut short. They were both the best in their own retrospect. I just want to appreciate all they left us with my personal opinion being they were both the G.O.A.T! RIP…

  6. I have to pick 2Pac. However, I wish those two brothers never got into any beef. They both would have still been killing it and it would of been the shit if they would made one song together every year.

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