? The Most Creative & Smart Plays In Football ⚽?

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46 Replies to “The Most Creative & Smart Plays In Football”

  1. I have definitely seen a very similar video before… With the same heading and clips just different music… I think it was by TopPassion

  2. 1:38 How is this a goal , in the rules it's stated that even if a player doesn t touch the ball but is considered to be part of the action then it s offside despite all
    Same goes for the next goal

  3. 1:10 Please just delete this " goal " from all the internet s videos. I love Ronaldinho but this is called cheating

  4. Two swedish goals that also could be among these clips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8JH8CZ3ILU and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48x5dX-x7r4

  5. Doesnt matter if they touched the ball or not. Theyre still in line of sight of the goalkeeper and the defenders, they affect players' decisions, referee should have called it offside.

  6. @58 the offside trap, Napoli vs Milan, I remember that game.. a classic! I miss those days. I like your video style my friend, great selection of music, care to share info on the background music? subscribing.

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