At long last, I have done something I’ve wanted to do for years – I’ve created the ULTIMATE early 2000s trashy gaming PC! I call it “Agunimon.”
This computer handles epic high refresh rate CRT PC gaming on Windows XP in 2018, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I’m using this rig with a ViewSonic PS775 and Impressions 200VX CRT PC monitors for high refresh rate gaming. I will also be using it with Windows Vista for newer games, Windows 8.1 for capturing MiniDV tapes via firewire, and Linux for general experimentation.

AMD FX-6300 6-Core CPU
ASUS Crosshair IV Formula Motherboard
8GB of Crucial Ballistix Tracer RAM
ATI Radeon HD 7850 GPU
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy EX Sound Card
Icey Dock SSD Hot Swap Bay
Logisys CS308RD Ruby Red Case
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Thanks to HorseTaco for the CPU/Mobo deal:

‘Spectrum’ by Mono Memory –
Via Monstercat:
‘New Game’ by Nitro Fun
‘Cheat Codes VIP’ by Nitro Fun
‘Melatonin’ by Soupandreas

Games shown:
Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare
Old School RuneScape
Vampire: Bloodlines
Warframe –

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39 Replies to “The ULTIMATE Trashy Early 2000s Gaming PC! Windows XP Gaming in 2018 – Meet AGUNIMON”

  1. I just built one also, Q9650 Extreme, 4gb ram, 280gb ssd, Two gtx 9800gx2's in sli (quad sli). I really like your idea with SSD bays for os switching. I definitely understand the feeling of being able have best of best cause you didnt have money back in day. Like yours mine is like retro mod computer its little out of xp era but still has windows xp compatibility with that said…man it kills windows xp titles farcry 120fps+, Halo CE 250fps +. Its pretty insane.

  2. Can I get a awesome ISO from you? With Al the retro games installed? I like to instal it on my pc's, and play it with friend lan

  3. This is a dumb build for the xp era. When am3 came out i3 i5 and i7 were out too. You shhouldve gone 754 or 939 socket or am2 at the latest.

  4. could just gone with a emulator. Kinda kills the fun with modern parts.

    You are more or less bulding a retro pc with parts from that era and see how it would have been if you had those parts back in those days.

    Myself uses a Q9550 and 8800GTX SLI on my XP pc. Because that was the dream setup back in those days 😛

  5. You'd think by 2018 people would figure out that if you don't plan on running Crossfire or Sli then you don't need to buy a motherboard that was made for those platforms. Ultimate is subjective and far to many people are making these videos with parts that don't make them Ultimate in the least hehe.

    Good prject and video regardless, that machine will dole out some good vintage gaming easily.

  6. LOL … saw the title. Looked at my AMD XP + FX 5950 Ultra. Watched the video and saw hardware that people still use to game because it is not "early 2000". Not even the "looks" is early 2000.

  7. Can windows Xp work any classic games from the early 90s- mid 00s??? If yes Im gonna get one to plat Diablo , diablo 2, DOOM, Max Payne, etc.

  8. I probably wouldn't have used parts from the early 2000s myself they couldn't even max out games from their own time period lol. First rig I built (in 2004) was a amd 3700+ (oced to 2.75 every day) 1 gig of Geil tccd ram and a 6800gt not to bad at the time but got bodied by oblivion and other games that came out not to long after I put it together. not much in the way of lights back then that I can remember. Though the comments section is full of people suggesting 8800's that are mid to late 2000s as far as graphics cards go.

  9. Looking at the parts this is a windows 7 era pc… misleading title… definitely not XP era PC… u should see retro hardware's channel. His builds are true to the era… regardless nice build. I plan on doing an xp build with my old Phenom II 965 GTX 580

  10. I know this has been said a million times but why? you built a modern gaming pc, almost as good as the one I play bfV on. I totally understand not wanting to be cheaped out on performance in old games from the early 2000 but well I'm sure everyone has already said it but here's what I would have built. AMD Athlon64 (just better than Intel till the core 2 duo, 939 socket (2004 so in your era) Single core 4000+ (beast that held its own against early dual cores) 2-4gb of ram which would be plenty good enough for 2010, and anything before the 8800 and up to the 8800series. That would have been cool and interesting. this build just confuses people lol. However, I do love the look of the thing. I would have done the same

  11. Help, i can't remember the name of a car game

    It's a endless 2d driving game

    Here's a drawning that i remember the gameplay

    The game have 6 types of levels, 3 levels of Hill, 3 levels of City

  12. I had a similar concept but noticed XP has terrible multi threaded performance so I opted for the fastest single threaded ipc. I chose a devil's canyon g3258 over clocked to 4ghz right now had it hit 4.5 on the test becnch. I also like that it is dual core reminds me of the old athlon MP days. I also paired it with a Radeon 6850. Hopefully I can grab a crossfire 270x in the future. My setup runs 3dmark 2001 se in 109k. You should show some benchmakrs.

  13. i didn`t know to much about pc back then , but what i had, was this

    intel p4 prescott socket 478 3.2 ghz
    1.5 gb ram kingston. 533mhz
    geforce 6600 gt… and later i changed it to a 6800 ultra
    2 HDD. one maxtor 1de 350 gb, and one 120gb western digital
    also my motherboard was a MSI 875P neo fisr 2
    psu .. i don`t remember.

    the pc worked for me haha

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