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28 Replies to “Tommy McCook – Jamaica Bolero”

  1. i was laid up after getting my wisdom teeth out, eating nothing but asprin and boston cream pie flavored pudding for a week in high school and this is just about the only thing i listened to.


  3. Saï saï!
    Wicked sound!
    Give thank. Reggae music is a wisdom chant
    Reggae music is the King music
    Reggae music is a praise of Jah.
    A bread for the working people Spirit !!

  4. ten years or more ago i was kicking opiates cold turkey. i would put on the sattelite radio and the reggae channel played this and id never heard before. my withdrawl was gone and i wanted to groove. i love the improvisational style of this. my psychologist is jamaican and there now. i just told her i had to find that music. i did and its great. dont even have to puff to groove out.

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