The quintessential ice dance, the only one to score 6.0 from all judges, the legendary Torvill & Dean. Bolero from 1984 Olympics where they won gold.
*High Quality* – facial features actually visible :p


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39 Replies to “Torvill & Dean – 1984 Olympics – Bolero – HQ”

  1. Das ist so schön,da gibt es keine passenden Worte für.die tanzen es so,als wären sie eins.das war wirklich der Hammer,und das schönste was ich je gesehen habe.denn ich habe von Kind auf an immer Eislaufen?? gesehen.mir kommen dabei die Tränen,wenn ich dabei an früher gibt keinen der es besser kann,ich sage nur,Hut ab?️‍♂️?Wunder,wunderschön

  2. The interpretation of the music in itself was pure perfection let alone the skating .wow wow wow nobody will ever come close in all history to these great UK skaters.sheer perfect!!!!

  3. Оксана.волгоград.божественно. с детсва запало, пронесла.шедевр!!!!искусство и хореография и музыка в унисон.шедевр..,.

  4. And 35 years later, they've still got it. If you haven't seen their skate to "Bridge over Troubled Waters" on last Sunday's Dancing on Ice Grand Finale, you really, really must!

  5. Оксана. Волгоград . Браво. Шедевр. Увидела в детстве, пронесла. Гениально.удачи.

  6. I wonder what happened to all those people in the audience. Back then everything was normal and not in the back of their minds did anyone have any idea what would happen in Bosnia and Sarajevo in the 90s… Let's learn from it.

  7. The way they gliiiiiide ? mesmerising. Very clever choreography. There is a word in French that does not translate very well into English: complicité. For me, this is the embodiment of this word.

  8. too bad Sarajevo was destroyed during the war in the 90's and with that city the olympian center. this is ten years older than me and I would have watched thta if I was born earlier

  9. That was Dick Button commenting, he meant it was not complicated choreography. Of course, Torvill and Dean were able to skate it with perfection. Every step had meaning…..

  10. Wow. Look at them. Look at all they can do. And then there’s me, who can’t even take one step on the ice without falling and clinging to the sides of the rink…

  11. I cannot believe the commentators " not difficult" comment
    Are you serious? They were and still are the best and there will never be another Torville and Dean.

  12. Not difficult? You Muppet. Just because it wasn't all loud and showy . Sometimes less is more. But I guess that's something our American cousins will never understand. It was art. Poetry. So sensual it should be x rated.

  13. There are perhaps 100 plus perfectly choreographed, perfectly timed and perfecty executed movements in this performance (it is impossible to call it a routine), against music whose tempo increases hypnotically and relentlessly throughout every moment, and would punish any small correction, or readjustment . Simply perfect.

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