This is the full version of Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean’s Olympic Gold Medal winning performance of Ravel’s Bolero. It includes the moments before T&D were announced onto the ice, right up until they received their marks and stepped off the ice.

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28 Replies to “Torvill & Dean Bolero – 1984 Olympic Winning Routine”

  1. I'm a football and rugby fan but this little bit of perfection needs to be played on national TV every 10 years so all our children can appreciate one of the UK's greatest sporting moments.

  2. Perfekte Übersetzung des 'Bolero' von Morris Ravel, auf dem Eis! Ein Bravo der Extraklasse für das Eistanzpaar! Das Video ist ein optischer Hörgenuss (immer noch) ?

  3. Was truly blessed to have been in the audience at the ‘84 Worlds in my hometown of Ottawa, Canada when they received a record 13 perfect 6’s for Bolero. My 11th birthday gift and one of my most treasured childhood memories.

  4. Revel gave Gershwin a great compliment when Gershwin told Revel he wanted to study with him. Revel told him, "Why would you want to be a second rate Revel when you could be a first rate Gershwin." If you google the Revel/Gershwin connection you will see a picture of my great, great aunt, Eva.

  5. I watched this live with my mom in '84 and after all these years I still get chills and tears. Wonderful. I remember the Olympics were broadcast on ABC and the Peggy Fleming and the other announcers were beside themselves and rightly. Great memories!

  6. I remember watching it live on TV in 1984 , but no matter how many times I watch this legendary routine, I'm still utterly mesmerised, glued to the screen by the sheer perfectness and artistry of it, realising at the end that I have almost forgotten to breathe!

  7. I can remember watching this back in 84, cuddled under a quilt with my mum. We both cried. I'm not suprised, it was quite simply beautiful. Poetry in motion. Superlative doesn't do it justice. Once in a lifetime experience.

  8. Is it just me that's bored by this?
    Maybe it's because I'm used to lifts jumps and spins but although it's beautiful it's not interesting to me.

  9. By far the best dance routine ever! I would love to see how this would be scored on today's point system. I have a feeling it would still sweep the board with high marks.

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