JADAM’s ultimate objective is to bring farming back to farmers. Through JADAM’s method, farming can become Ultra-Low-Cost, completely organic, and farmers can once again become the masters of farming. Farmers will possess the knowledge, method and technology of farming. When organic farming becomes easy, effective and inexpensive, it can finally become a practical alternative. Farmers, consumers and Mother Nature will all rejoice in this splendid new world we wish to open.

Let’s all move forward with Ultra Low-Cost agriculture. JADAM overcome completely the technical and practical challenges of organic agriculture. Make your own All Powerful Natural Pesticides, microbial inputs and fertilizers. JADAM aims to create Agricultural Revolution with Ultra-Low-Cost agriculture in the world. Our farming have to Independent from Commercial monopoly corporation. FARMERS must take the INITIATIVE in agricultural technology.

JADAM books are available for purchase from Amazon.com worldwide. It is currently translated into English, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean and will be translated into various languages in the future.

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About Youngsang Cho
Youngsang Cho is Organic Farmer. Cho learnt Natural Farming from his father Hankyu Cho(Korea Natural Farming, KNF) who advocated an environmentally agriculture since 1960s. Cho family have been organic farming for the third generation. Cho served in 706 special forces and graduated from Aju University (Bachelor, Chemistry) and Chungnam National Uni (Master, Horticulture). Cho has entered the Ph.D. course from the Department of Agricultural Biology at Chonbuk National University. Cho started organic agriculture in 1989. Through decades of practice and research, he created a new Ultra-Low-Cost organic agriculture system based on his father’s farming and Asian traditional farming. He founded “JADAM” in 1991. In 2019, JADAM’s membership exceeded 70,000.

Youngsang Cho’s inventions (All inventions are contained in the JADAM Organic Farming book) :
JADAM Wetting Agent (made without heating), JADAM Sulfur (made without heating), JADAM Microorganism Solution made with potatoes, JADAM Microorganism Solution made with mixed grains,Natural pesticide against rice bakanae disease, Natural germicide against anthracnose, & leaf spot, Natural fungicide against powdery mildew & downy mildew, Natural pesticide against aphids & mites, Natural pesticide against tobacco moth & beet armyworm, Natural pesticide against stinkbug & mealybug, Natural pesticide against slug & snail, Natural pesticide against citrus flatid planthopper, Natural pesticide against rice water weevil, Eliminating flies from livestock housings, Naphthalene pesticide, Natural pesticide against chicken lice, Natural pesticide against coffee berry borers ,Natural pesticide against papaya mealybugs.

Ingredients for JADAM :
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