The second of many podcasts to come features The Making of Bolero Electronica and talks about the inspiration for using 75 years of synthesizers; the origins of the instruments; and the challenge of putting it all together, including footage of rare keyboards used at the esteemed Cantos Foundation. Along with composer Amin Bhatia are Interviewed guests including Roland founder Ikutaro Kakehashi, Steve Porcaro, Patrick Moraz, Michelle Moog-Koussa as well as producers, engineers and musicians from “Virtuality.”

The podcast series was produced by Mark Dwyer and Saul Pincus with contributions from cinematographers and journalists all over the world. Special thanks to the crew at Full Sail University, as well as the Bob Moog Foundation, the Cantos Foundation, and the offices of Steve Porcaro, Patrick Moraz, Bhatia Music and Splice Heist.

Please visit for more on the album and artist.


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5 Replies to “VIRTUALITY Video: Part 2 The Making of Bolero Electronica”

  1. i would love to talk to you !!! the MOOG seum is opening soon . I am slated to interview Prof Deutsche. please drop me a line. ( ) WAXX TRAXX TO THE MAXX ON WUSB.FM NY

  2. Thanks for the great comments! Both Interstellar Suite and Virtuality by Amin Bhatia are available through CD Baby and the iTunes Store. Special edition autographed versions are also available directly through the Bhatia Music website. Happy Listening!

  3. I listened to Everything You Always wanted to hear on the Moog but were Afraid to ask for on casset to put me to sleep as a kid. One of the hardest's pieces of music to find on Youtube but Bolero in it's entirety does exist, done on the Moog from this album and it's amazing. Very similar but slightly different.

  4. this is really beautiful.

    bob had a life lesson hidden in all of this and i believe that is "bring people together who have different skills respectively, to make a whole".

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