[UPDATE] Some people are having issues with the alignment in newer versions of Photoshop. The suggested fix is to keep the background Fill at 100%, and instead decrease the Opacity to 1% (not 0%). Another suggested workaround is to paint a 1 pixel spot on each corner of watermark

Watermarking several photos could be extremely time consuming, especially when the photos have different orientations.

Is there a way to automatically watermark all of them? Yup.

In this 2-minute video, we will create our watermark, and then we will use Photoshop’s Image Processor to automate the watermarking process.

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46 Replies to “Watermark Multiple Photos at Once | Photoshop CC”

  1. Thanks. Also had an issue with alignment but just painted a 1 pixel spot in each corner of watermark to make it recognised! Was a great help.

  2. I followed every step buy the main issue that is coming is that I change my watermark logo opacity during recording but when I do the script thing the logo opacity stay 100 percent on the pictures

  3. thank you SO MUCH, I’m fairly new to photoshop and was scared I couldn’t get this done on time with a deadline, this helped me out so much !

  4. Amazing tutorial, I cannot describe how grateful I am ! Very easy and time saver. Plus you're funny, this video made me laugh with the different faces you did in your example pictures X-D.

  5. Thanks buddy! For some reason after doing this it made the quality of all the photos except one worse. I’m not sure how I managed that. Any idea?

  6. Awesome! Thank you! Alignment issue, but it was fine for what I needed. Next time I'll try what you up in the updates. Thank you!

  7. very helpful thank you! i’m surprised that with all the creative cloud has to offer they don’t have simpler watermarking app

  8. You're awesome – knew I was missing a step but couldn't figure it out. Other directions were useless. Followed your steps, figured it out and voila!

  9. Thank You very much, this Tutorial works today (4 years later) still fine. This way to do it is a little shorter than how I used to do it and you explained it even shorter 😉

  10. Can somebody tell me why does my watermark change size from a picture to another?? How can I fix that? besides that everything works perfect

  11. New favourite tutorial maker alert! dude, straight to the point whilst still imbuing with personality, keep up the good stuff my man x

  12. Hi there! I just stumbled on your video and found it incredibly useful!! I did spend a lot of time adding watermarks. I have one issue though ; Some of my photo are cut so the proportions of my watermark file vary according to "how approximated" the photo is, is there any way to standarize my logo size, even for these kinds of photos? Because some of them get a huge watermark and the others (which aren't cut) it gets barely visible

  13. Thanks a lot kind man! Before I was working on my projects for an hour just to put logos. I work with so many pictures (like 200+) at once. Your lesson helped me A LOT! Now I "waste" just 10 seconds and photoshop does my work by itself. God bless you.

  14. Super easy tutorial – what a lifesaver! Lightroom 2019 took away the ability to add watermarks to photos but this trick in Photoshop did the trick. Thanks again!

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