How should you choose between Windows 10 Home and Pro version

At first glance, both versions look like identical twins. They’ll both function similarly and both look the same. The differences won’t be too obvious at first but as you settle into your new operating system you will start to notice a few features lacking.

1. BitLocker
2. Deferring Updates
3. Hyper V
4. Remote Desktop
5. Many more…

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26 Replies to “Windows 10 Home vs Pro”

  1. Hi ,
    I like your video, its very informative.
    Could you please help to answer my question regarding windows 10 OEM Reatil and Volume Licencing info ?
    How we could identify that installed windows is genuine or not ?
    i have a few ways that could find it like slmgr -dli command and many more but in crack version of windows how to find between crack and genuine windows alsot i heard that volume licence is only provided to large organizations and in corporate environment and FPP (retail) and OEM is for individuals, students and normal customer
    Could you please help me to solve this questions ?
    thanks in advance

  2. When I buy windows 7 starter I have a microsoft word starter. When I buy a window 10 home , if I have a word and what kind of (word home starter, word 2016 or word 2013) ?

  3. STILL…. the privacy crap isn't gone yet, so windows 10 pro is still just as BAD as it ever was before nothing change. at least not to almost everyone in the world's expectations.

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