Whoever said Zappa never done cover numbers?
This ditty is taken from Zappas Final Rock Band Tour 1988
The video was shown on TV in Barcelona but the soundtrack is from a separate live performance and synced together.
The soundtrack used is no longer available, originally on the “Best Band” CD, but removed soon after release.
It was also released as a single along with “Stairway to Heaven”……odd that it never hit the charts with a bullet….

source: https://dahek.net

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49 Replies to “ZAPPA – Bolero”

  1. Слов нет – монументально,но заслуга в этом не Френка Заппы,а Морриса Равеля.

  2. 3% of listeners are partial to other renditions. But 97% of all the other folks love this shit.
    You three-percenters need to get with the social program!

  3. Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention….had that album in the very early 1960's as a 10 year old (the family was "musical")……………..would "freak everyone out" when I played it to them in the 70's/80's/90's yadayadayada……….

  4. Frank Zappa will never cease to amaze me, every day I listen to him and the original mothers of invention. A unique legend sorely and truly missed, god rest fz

  5. WOW…Why have I never heard this before. This is awesome. If more classical music was played like this, it would get more respect. Jeans and t shirts, love it.

  6. Zapa inmortal, irrepetible, btillante, único, lástima que ya no estés aquí para seguirnos deleitando con tu música de otra galaxia

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