Create dynamic and interactive presentations with zoom tool! PowerPoint (Office 365) has a new function called ZOOM that works as a hyperlink to specific slides or sections. With a smooth animation you can zoom in and out into the slide. It may sound complicated but it’s very easy! We will guide you step by step through out the whole process and explain 3 ways of creating zoom slides and using the tool.

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31 Replies to “Zoom in/out animation in PowerPoint”

  1. Hi, this a really great video. could you please explain how you created the one slide with the images in bubbles going left and right?? It seems it can move as you move your mouse over it ?? How did you do that??

  2. In the part of video 4:05 how did you do that effect with the spheres so that they could move alone …..

    You can take another video to show us please

    greetings from Bolivia.

    I wish you much success

  3. I just noticed that the explanation of this particular video is not clear. The narrator should just specify the three different types of zoom without being so entangled in her explanation.

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